How many softgels should I take?

Lumity has been formulated with the average adult woman’s recommended daily intake of nutrients in mind. For that reason, we recommend you take three of our coffee-coloured softgels in the morning and three of the milk-coloured ones right before bed. Our morning and night complexes have been designed to give you the nutrients that your body needs each day and night, so please don’t take more than the suggested recommended serving.

Why does when I take Lumity matter?

The body's circadian rhythm affects every aspect of our health, from how we look and how energised and focused we are, to weight management and maintenance of health. To truly look and feel our best, it's crucial to support this internal body clock. Lumity's two-step day and night supplements work in tandem with the circadian rhythm, providing an essential mix of targeted nutrients upon waking, and a second, different mix of vital ingredients to support the body at night as you rest. Our morning softgels are formulated to give you a gentle source of energy to keep your body up and running all day while it's in active mode, protecting you against environmental stressors and giving you a boost in vitality as well as keeping your hair, skin and nails in optimum health*. The night-time softgels are formulated to help support your body as you get your beauty sleep. High in essential fatty acids, they help support skin’s elasticity so that you wake up radiant.

Is Lumity safe?

Helping each and every Lumity customer look and feel their best is at the top of our agenda. We’ve spent years researching and formulating Lumity’s carefully- calibrated formula of vitamins, minerals, omega 3 fatty acids and essential nutrients with all amounts well within recommended daily guidelines. All ingredients are sourced from safety-tested, quality-assured raw materials. If you have any doubts about taking this product consult a healthcare professional before use.

Can I take this if I am taking medication?

It is very unlikely that Lumity will have any adverse effects on medicines and pharmaceuticals. However, it is worth remembering that even natural foods can react with some prescription drugs. With this in mind, we always recommend you seek the advice of your GP or a health professional before taking Lumity alongside any regular medication. In particular, if you are currently taking thyroxine or thyroid hormone drugs, please make sure to ask your doctor if you can take iodine supplements alongside these, before using Lumity.

Can I take Lumity with other nutritional supplements?

When taking any food supplement, it is important to understand what nutrients your products contain and the total amounts of each nutrient you are taking. The same goes for Lumity. If you wish to take Lumity alongside other dietary supplements, you’ll need to be clear about the total level of each mineral and vitamin your supplement combination makes up. We do not advise exceeding the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) values for each vitamin and mineral. Check our nutritional information to ensure you are not doubling up on nutrients with another supplement and getting too much of a good thing.

Can I take Lumity whilst pregnant or Breastfeeding?

We strongly advise all women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to check with their doctor first, before taking Lumity or any other dietary supplement. Lumity was not formulated as a pregnancy or breastfeeding supplement and it may be advisable to take a dietary supplement that is specifically designed for this. Women and babies have specific nutritional needs during this time, and it is important to seek the right advice to ensure you and your child are getting the nutrients you need.

Does Lumity have any side effects?

No, Lumity has no known undesirable side effects. Our ingredients have been handpicked based on safety and efficacy to provide you with a combination of the key nutrients required to maintain healthy bodily processes day and night.

Is Lumity addictive?

No. An addiction is a compulsive need for and use of a habit-forming substance that is usually harmful to a person's health. An addiction is characterised by tolerance and by well-defined physiological symptoms upon withdrawal. Pursuant to such definitions, a supplement would not classically be deemed addictive because it is not harmful or habit-forming and typically one would not experience physiological withdrawal symptoms from the use of such products.

What if I stop taking Lumity?

Don’t worry! Lumity has been designed to fit into your lifestyle, supporting you internally and externally. Lumity has been specially formulated to provide back up to a healthy balanced diet, rather than as a replacement. As such, it is up to you if and when you stop taking Lumity and you can always start again at any time.

Who can take Lumity?

Lumity has been formulated with the average adult’s daily recommended nutritional intake in mind. This means that Lumity is suitable for men and women over the age of 18, who wish to maintain their vitality and preserve youthful-looking skin.

Will I notice a change in my skin when taking Lumity?

Lumity works differently for everyone as it interacts with your current diet and lifestyle habits. However, Lumity has been developed with skin health in mind and contains a number of the essential nutrients your skin needs to glow from the inside out. Designed to improve skin tone and texture and mitigate against the visible signs of ageing, Lumity contains vitamins A, C, D and E as well as a number of minerals and nutrients which all work in harmony to maintain normal, healthy-looking skin.

Is Lumity gluten-free?

Yes. We’ve spent years researching and formulating Lumity to ensure that it is gluten-free as well as free from synthetics, sensitizers and other allergens so it contains nothing that your skin doesn’t need.

Will Lumity cause weight gain?

Absolutely not! Many of our customers have found that with the vitality and health supplementation of Lumity they have been more inclined to make healthier choices overall. Whilst Lumity does not have a direct impact on weight, its revitalising effects often give people extra motivation to improve their lifestyle and achieve their wellness goals.

Why is Lumity such a great anti-ageing supplement?

Lumity offers an overall dietary supplementation that is more than skin deep. Many other anti-ageing supplements on the market focus solely on wrinkles, but we believe ageing is felt just as much as it is seen, so we focus on overall health maintenance to help you look as good as you feel.*

What do I do if I have missed a serving?

Don't worry about missing a serving. Just continue taking the recommended amount without doubling up. In order to enjoy all the benefits Lumity offers, it is important to take Lumity as recommended in a regular and continuous manner, so we suggest that you try to make your two daily servings a part of your routine somehow, to avoid missing a serving. Many of our customers keep their Lumity on their bedside table so that they remember to take Lumity last thing at night and first thing in the morning.

Where should I keep my Lumity?

Wherever you decide to keep your Lumity, make sure it’s somewhere you’ll remember to take it every day. We recommend keeping your night capsules on your bedside table, and your morning ones by your kettle, or you could keep both bottles by your toothbrush. Please also remember, our supplements do best in a cool, dry environment, out of direct sunlight and away from children.

Are there any stimulants in Lumity?

Lumity does NOT contain any stimulants. Instead, Lumity naturally supports the body’s energy cycle, by facilitating the continuous delivery of fuel into cells and maintaining the normal processes involved in energy production. It promotes balanced and stable energy levels, rather than the high and low swings created by stimulants, like caffeine.

Why does Lumity only contain a small amount of vitamin-C?

Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient readily available in most fruits and vegetables. As we seek to encourage our customers to include fresh fruits and vegetables in their daily diet, this is not a vitamin that should ever be in short supply to your body. By integrating lots of good sources of Vitamin C, such as varied fruits and vegetables into your diet, you will also be supplying your body with live phytonutrients and enzymes, as well as fibre. This cannot be substituted by a supplement. We have included an effective quantity of Vitamin C in Lumity to contribute to normal collagen formation in the skin.

Will I experience the same benefits as my friends who are taking Lumity softgels?

Everyone is different and the way your body works is unique to you. Your level of health and vitality is based on a set of individual and personal circumstances, such as your medical history, family history and lifestyle choices. For instance, if your body is lacking in one area, your body may absorb the nutrients found in Lumity dietary supplements and will use this to restore your body in the way it knows best. Your body has the organisational intelligence to utilise the key nutrients according to its own unique priorities which is why your results on Lumity might be different to your friends.

What is that egg smell?

The smell you might (although you probably won't) sometimes notice in our night time capsules is the amino acid l-cysteine, we don’t use any perfumes or artificial fragrances to cover this smell as we aim to keep our supplements free from unnecessary additives and we don't add anything the body doesn’t need or that’s bad for you. It’s nothing to worry about and can be helped by washing your glass bottles each month before adding your next refill from our sustainable pouches.

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